PHOTO: CeeLo Green gives fans at Yankee Stadium the double bird

CeeLo lets the fans know they are all No. 1. (Getty Images)
CeeLo lets the fans know they are all No. 1. (Getty Images)

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CeeLo Green was on hand for the Stadium Series fesitivites at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night, serving as the musical accompaniment. As you can see, it didn't go over well with Rangers and Islanders fans.

Perhaps it was partly just his performance (CeeLo doesn't exactly scream hockey, does he?) or maybe it was a little more that got CeeLo and the fans all riled up against one another. Here's a little more from the SNY Rangers Blog.

This morning on Leafs Breakfast on TSN1 1050, Darren Dreger recounted his experience at Yankee Stadium last night.

Dreger said that one of the highlights for him was "Cee Lo Green, I don't what was it, before the game, whatever it was, he was taunting Islander fans and boy did they turn on this short, little, stout man in a hurry. He would break into his own song and just stop and say 'the Rangers are gonna kick the Islanders asses' and they were outraged. So when he came up in the first intermission they put a slate up on the big screen at Yankee Stadium saying 'coming up next Cee Lo Green' and there was just this enormous 'boooo.' That was one of the highlights for me."

Antagonizing one of the fan bases -- the home team fan base -- will usually do the trick but apparently the booing was rather universally shared among the Rangers and Islanders fans at Yankee Stadium. It's not like those two fan bases see eye to eye on much.

So when the Bronx cheer starts raining down in the Bronx, that's when the birds come flying from their nest, apparently. This really gives new meaning to the original title of his hit song Forget You (check the uncensored version of the song and there you go).

For what it's worth, CeeLo tweeted during the game and said he was having a blast, even if it didn't exactly show.

Everything about the NHL's Stadium Series has been a hit so far. This might be the only blemish for the wildly successful and profitable endeavor from the league.

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