PHOTO: Czech Republic's Olympic sweaters released

The Czech Republic has the familiar faux laces on their sweaters. (@bartic63)
The Czech Republic has the familiar faux laces on their sweaters. (@bartic63)

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Nike's assault on Olympic hockey asthetics continued on Monday with the release of the sweaters for the Czech Republic's team in Sochi next February.

Just like the American and leaked Canadian sweaters, the Czechs can't escape the wrath of the faux sweater laces at the top. This pandemic has gone international (why it ever went anywhere in the first place is beyond me). That's the first takeaway I have.

As to the actual sweaters, well one is simply the Czech flag if it were hanging in the rafters with the country's seal over top of it. I admit I kind of like that one as crazy as it is but I also readily admit I have a terrible sense of fashion. The other sweater, the one that's predominantly white, has a real Norwegian appeal to it more than Czech, doesn't it? At least at the top, the seal returns it to a Czech flavor down the line. All in all, still not terrific, I just can't get past the "laces."

Normally I would bemoan the fact that the Olympic hockey tournament comes and goes too quickly but with the uniforms that Nike has churned out, I don't think I'll mind it leaving the scene so soon.

S/t to Pavel Barta

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