PHOTO: Flyers Jakub Voracek, Scott Hartnell dye orange beards black

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Most players shave off whatever facial they have before the playoffs and put the razor away until they lose, the playoff beard. It's a staple and just about everybody in hockey does it the same way.

But not everybody. Instead of starting the postseason fresh-faced, a few members of the Philadelphia Flyers' Ginger brigade -- seriously, how great is it that they have four red-heads on a team whose primary color is orange? -- are going a different route. Beards are still involved but they're staying on.

And changing color.

Jakub Voracek decided not to part ways with his beard and instead elected to keep it and dye it black. Not wanting him to be alone, Scott Hartnell joined the effort. Here's Hartnell and Voracek on the ice in New York on Thursday.

Interesting choices.

It doesn't seem there was much of an impetus for the change on tradition other than to just change it up as Voracek told

"I thought somebody was going to do it with me," Voracek said. "They didn't."


Voracek said that he simply decided to "change it up a bit" because it's that time of the year when everyone is growing a playoff beard.

So in a show of solidarity, Hartnell joined him. But that's it for the Flyers' Gingers. Claude Giroux isn't going to join them and Sean Couturier already cut the beard off to start fresh so it's pretty tough to dye right now.

It could be pretty cool if the Flyers are able to make a run, though. As one fan pointed out via The 700 Level, the beard itself could be orange and black at the same time.

How's that Bud Light tagline go; it's only weird if it doesn't work?

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