PHOTO: Henrik Lundqvist shows what happens when ads go bad

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It's the summer time so Henrik Lundqvist is, among other things, shooting commercials as he was on Monday when ... this happened.

So ... what exactly is going on there? I'm so confused and that's avoiding the obviously crude jokes that every fan in Jersey and Long Island are making right about now. I mean, why is he still squeezing the bottle? Why is there a fan going (presumably that's why the liquid is defying the laws of physics) while he's doing this? What is this even for?

Needless to say, I hope the commercial turns out a little better than this, mostly for his sake. Besides, that might not get past the censors.

To think, the day started off so promising for Lundqvist, too. Looked to me like he was going to star in the remake of Grease or something (would Mats Zuccarello be mad if Lundqvist were Danny Zuko over him? Yup, I just realized it's the heart of summer.)

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