PHOTO: Henrik Lundqvist's new mask includes subtle nod to Sweden

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The trademarked goalie mask isn’t seen as often anymore. It’s not like the days of old where you had Eddie Belfour’s eagles or Curtis Joseph’s CuJo design.  Most goalies like to switch up their styles from year to year and bring on new paint jobs. New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, however, is kind of like a throwback in this regard. Though the paint jobs change from year to year, the mask always has his trademark crown prominently featured.

This year, there’s a bit of a twist involving his usual design that meshes Lundqvist’s Swedish heritage and some New York iconography in a subtly cool way.

According to mask designer Dave Gunnarsson the design includes the Statue of Liberty on both sides of the mask. This was done with purpose.

Team Sweden is known for its “Tre Kronor” (three crowns) logo on its hockey jerseys. Lady Liberty’s crown on each side plus Lundqvist’s in the center makes for three crowns that seamlessly mesh his heritage and the city he currently calls home to effective results.

Lundqvist also went with more blue in this mask, even going with a blue cage, which really makes for a nice look with the rest of the headgear. Most of Lundqvist’s masks have featured a standard white cage.

There’s also some sparkling silver paint throughout to keep King Henrik’s crown shining. That combined with some terrific detail work throughout the mask make this another great lid to add to King Henrik's tremendous collection.

It can’t be easy continually coming up with exceptional work for one of hockey’s most stylish individuals, but every year it seems like Gunnarsson and Lundqvist hit it out of the park with just about every mask they create together. This one is no different.

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