PHOTO: Indiana corn maze commemorates Blackhawks title

Good luck getting through Kane and the Cup on one pass. (USATSI)
Good luck getting through Kane and the Cup on one pass. (USATSI)

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If you were looking to lose yourself to the joy of the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup championship, now you can. Literally.

Check out this corn maze a fan on the Indiana side of Chicago made -- County Line Orchard in Hobart, Ind. Now you can get away with calling Patrick Kane a cornehead, or any other corny derivative that actually might make sense.

I have no idea what would take longer, constructing this maze with expert craftsmanship -- I can't write anywhere near as straight with a pen and paper as they do with rows of corn -- or trying to get through it. I have a hard time navigating it just with my eyes from up above, imagine being down among the rows and rows of cornstalks. That's how horror movies often start.

Seriously though, that's impressive and really awesome. Hopefully it can stay up as long as possible because that's quite the site.

S/t to Marcus Leshock

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