PHOTO: Jarome Iginla mangles finger in fight with Ryan Kesler

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Jarome Iginla is never one to shy away from fisticuffs. In the first period against the Vancouver Canucks, the Boston Bruins forward took on Ryan Kesler in a hearty scrap. It turned out to be a costly one for Iginla.

After the two traded heavy blows, Iginla came away from the tussle looking at his finger. You can’t quite see it until the slow-motion images at the end of the video below, but fingers aren’t supposed to look the way Iginla's did after the scrap. If you don't like body parts bent in unnatural ways, perhaps skip this one.

Here’s a still of Iginla’s finger. YOUCH.

Contradictory to @dafoomie's tweet, Iginla returned to the game. He missed the rest of the first after the fight, but he came back for the second and was taking a regular shift. Hockey players, man.

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