PHOTO: Just because, Canadiens at Rangers in 1957 at MSG

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Just because it's the summer and things are pretty quiet -- plus, it's pretty cool -- check out this picture from 1957 as tweeted by @WorldSportsPics. It's the Canadiens visiting the Rangers at Madison Square Garden (click on the phot to enlarge).

You wonder how much bigger goalies and their equipment have become, just look at how much net is available in this shot. Holy smokes. And I still can't believe that goalies used to stand in the way of shots without wearing masks, that's suicide.

As for the crowd, well that's interesting too. Hockey-going attire sure has changed a bit over the years, eh? But what's up with the guy on the right side of the picture in the orange or the guy near the left in the pink; didn't you guys get the memo that this is a business dress? I do love how just about everybody is watching the game -- and all the seats are spoken for.

Old-time hockey photos are the best.

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