PHOTO: Justin Bieber, Maple Leafs mocked on Dallas Stars' video board

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The Dallas Stars video board has had a history of getting its snark on from time to time. With the Toronto Maple Leafs in town and some well-timed viral current events involving Toronto natives, the Stars simply couldn't resist.

With a segment on the video board showing Maple Leafs fans in the second period, the Stars included one of the Maple Leafs' more famous fans: recently arrested Justin Bieber. The board displayed Bieber's mug shot from early Thursday morning when he was picked up on suspicion of DUI, among other alleged transgressions.

Bieber, a native of Stratford, Ontario, played hockey in his youth (er, a few years ago) and grew up rooting for the Maple Leafs. He also took part in a Maple Leafs practice a few years back. The young pop star has been known to sport sports-related headwear of many other teams, but when it comes to his true alliance, it lies with the boys in blue.

The Stars didn't stop there, though. They couldn't miss an opportunity to poke fun at Toronto's barrel-of-laughs mayor, Rob Ford, who recently admitted he has indeed smoked crack after vehemently denying it for months. The video board displayed the now infamous city council tussle in which Ford charged a crowd, knocking over an older woman in the process.

That was adding insult to injury as by that point, the Stars were putting the finishing touches on a 7-1 rout, ending Toronto's six-game winning streak in emphatic fashion. 

UPDATE: The Stars have been inundated with tweets from Bieber's fans, but they also had one astute Twitter user find some incriminating photos of Bieber presented a Stars jersey.


But don't worry, the Stars had as good an explanation as possible.

The Dallas Stars, No. 5 in the Central, No. 1 in our hearts.

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