PHOTO: Justin Williams missing from Kings conference champ shirt

Justin Williams has indeed been part of this Cup Final run for LA. (Getty Images)
Justin Williams has indeed been part of this Cup Final run for LA. (Getty Images)

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Justin Williams is having quite the postseason for the LA Kings. Heck, he's having quite a career with the Kings.

He's one of the favorite to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as the postseason MVP and has been so consistent over the years for the Kings. Yet he remains one of the most underrated and overlooked players in the NHL.

And yes, there is proof to backup that last statement. Let's take a look at the LA Kings' Western Conference champion shirt from Reebok via Puck Daddy.

Well that's pretty sharp and has all the players who contributed to the Kings' run. I mean, even Jeff Schultz is on there. Go down the list alphabetically and ... wait, where is Justin Williams? You know, Mr. Game 7, the guy who has six points in the three Game 7s the Kings played this postseason and has six points in the first three games of the Stanley Cup FInal? Yes, that guy. Where is he?

I guess you could understand why Reebok would forget about him, he's only tied for second in the NHL for postseason points. If Ricky Bobby taught us anything, it you ain't first you're last ... and lost.

If only it ended there for Williams and the NHL store but alas, no.

To be fair, Williams is a tough name to spell.

Apparently Williams needs to win the Conn Smythe this postseason so people will in fact remember he even played.

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