PHOTO: Kari Lehtonen's new mask adopts Stars' new look

Lehtonen will take a simpler approach to start next season. (InGoalMag)
Lehtonen will take a simpler approach to start next season. (InGoalMag)

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The Dallas Stars unveiled their new look for the franchise earlier this summer with a new shade of green serving as their primary color to go with a new logo and, of course, new uniforms. Kari Lehtonen is getting in the spirit.

The goalie has his new mask for the upcoming season and it's very heavy on the new Stars look. He's going all in on the branding it seems so Lehtonen can never have his team-first mentality questioned now, right?

While the mask is relatively plain in terns of cages these days, it will serve the above purpose, whether it was intended to or not. The team has a new look so the first mask will take on the new look and stay simple, though it's not completely without some touches. While it certainly ties in with Texas, I do like the small, somewhat personal touch on the front with the longhorn; it almost looks devilish. Considering his Tombstone mask last season, it's minor but it's still unique. By the way, don't take that as me bashing the new mask, not at all. It's really sharp, just noting that it's pretty straight forward.

Interestingly enough, the mask is done by a former teammate of Lehtonen's way back when while still playing in Finland, Joni "Bona" Hallikainen (from InGoal Magazine). It was his injury that opened a door for Lehtonen to play. Mask artist seems to be an appropriate landing spot for a former goalie, doesn't it?

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