PHOTO: Luc Robitaille can't get no respect from ESPN

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Bless Alyssa Milano and her hockey-loving heart, she's always watching out for the sport and her favorite team, the LA Kings. If you disrespect the game in any way and she finds out, you'll face her wrath.

Take ESPN for example. The folks at the Four-Letter Network showed a shot of the crowd at Dodgers Stadium and one of the Dodgers' owners, Magic Johnson. What was Magic doing in that moment he was caught on camera? Talking to somebody who was unidentified. Take a look.

Why yes, that is Luc Robitaille. You might remember him from such televsion cameos as the one on How I Met Your Mother or, you know, being one of the best forwards to ever play the game of hockey. He's not Wayne Gretzky but Robitaille is no slouch either.

Are we being a bit sensitive here? Perhaps. Johnson is, after all, part owner of the Dodgers and a sports icon outside of just LA, it makes sense that he would be the focal point. But my goodness, can't a great hockey player get some love with a name identification too? Asking too much, we know. Just another day in the life of hockey's relationship with Bristol.

In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, hockey can't get no respect.

By the way, that lady a row behind Magic and Luc is really impressed. I wonder if she recognized Robitaille.

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