PHOTO: Manchester Monarchs will wear 'Burger King' jersey tonight

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The Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League annually honor their parent club, the Los Angeles Kings, with a special jersey night. On such an occasion, they wear a famous jersey from the Kings’ past. Earlier this season, they held a contest to let the fans decide.

The fans chose wonderfully.

When the Monarchs take on the Portland Pirates Saturday night, they will be wearing the LA Kings’ infamous alternate uniforms from 1996, semi-affectionately dubbed “The Burger King Jersey.” Here’s a look at this beautiful monstrosity hanging in the locker of Monarchs captain Andrew Campbell.

The hashtags say it all.

The Royal Half did a wonderful history of both the jersey and how the Monarchs came to this night with their fan contest.  Monarchs president Darren Abbot shared how everything went down:

Abbott was floored by the response online to the inclusion of the 1996 3rd Jersey. "We picked the three jerseys and it was kind of crazy what happened next. We didn’t think that we’d get the kind of response that we got," said Abbott. "We had over ten thousand votes submitted for those jerseys. We really just set out to get some guidance to see what our fans wanted us to wear at the game and next thing you know it kind of blew up."

The Burger King jerseys got 75 percent of the vote, so fans far and wide spoke loudly and now the Monarchs will dress loudly. There’s nothing more mid-1990s than these jerseys.

Bravo, Monarchs fans and the Internet. You have done a great service to hockey.

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