PHOTO: Martin Brodeur's mask for 2013-14 will feature his dogs

Martin Brodeur's mask for next season with his pups on the sides. (USATSI)
Martin Brodeur's mask for next season with his pups on the sides. (USATSI)

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Martin Brodeur has been a beacon of consistency over the years: He has stayed with the New Jersey Devils through it all, he has been their No. 1 goalie and pretty healthy for the duration and simply nothing short of reliable. He also has had very little deviation from year to year on his mask designs, going with a look with the Devils logo to the point it's simply a classic.

As usual, his mask for the upcoming season was done by Sylvie Poitras/Airbrush Zap. However his cage this year will feature a new addition to the sides: His dogs. On one side you can find Stan and on the other Vez, a somewhat unusual personal touch to the usually vintage design.

There is another personal touch that you can't see in the picture above but that Brodeur tweeted out later, on the back of the mask.

Remaining on the top of the cage is the Jersey J from the Devils logo that is also seen running down the sides of the mask in white. It's tough to see above but there is also Brodeur's personal logo (featured in the center of the image) laid all throughout the mask in the background of the design.

A new look to his mask to go with a new role as the Devils goaltender; possibly a backup. With Cory Schneider coming in there's no telling who will be the starter at this point, at worst they will likely split the job. Things are a changing.

You can see more images of the mask at Poitras' site here.

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