PHOTO: Miami TV station botches Florida Panthers' logo

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The Florida Panthers are kind of like the Cleveland Indians in Major League. "People don't recognize us, not even in our own home town."

Yes, it's another round of local news hockey follies thanks this time to the South Florida media market. We all know just by watching a game on TV in Sunrise that the Panthers aren't the biggest deal in the major media market but gee whiz, you'd think they could get the team's logo right.

Now, this isn't the first time the Panthers hockey team has been misrepresented on Miami television. It wasn't long ago that they were mistaken with the Florida International University Golden Panthers logo on the screen. That one is at least understandable, TV stations in South Florida have a need for both.

But this? I have no idea where that logo even came from. It's almost as if the station lost the Panthers' logo from their system and in a scramble went to Clipart to pull up the first hit for the word Panther.

One of these days the Panthers might get some proper respect in their home market, one of these days.

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