PHOTO: Ned Flanders returns to Peter Budaj's mask, and he's mad

Ned Flanders is back on Budaj's mask, and he's mad. (
Ned Flanders is back on Budaj's mask, and he's mad. (

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Over the years, Peter Budaj's mask has always found a spot for The Simpson's friendliest neighbor that ever lived, one Ned Flanders. Budaj's masks have the general motif of his team but Flanders would find himself a spot somewhere, most often on the back plate.

Budaj's new mask with the Canadiens is no exception. In fact, Ned Flanders is right in the gosh darn iddly, diddly middle of the mask and he's fed up. Beware of angry Flanders. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

The mask, like the previous incarnations that included Stupid Sexy Flanders, was done by Swedish artist Dave Gunnarsson.

This is Budaj's third seasonin Montreal serving as the backup to Carey Price for the Canadiens. He has appeared in six games this season with a 4-1-1 mark and an excellent .939 save percentage and 1.63 goals against average in his limited action. Maybe that's why Flanders is so mad.

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