Photo: Paul MacLean, meet ... Paul MacLean?

Fans tuning in to watch the Ottawa Senators take on the Florida Panthers probably thought they were seeing double every time the cameras found the Ottawa bench.

Seated directly behind the home team during Monday night’s tilt in Ottawa was a gentleman who can only be assumed to be Sens coach Paul MacLean’s long-lost twin, complete with the trademark push-broom mustache. He even wore a suit.

Lucky for you, me and everyone else Shannon McKarney snapped the picture above of the doppelgangers in action and asked a very pertinent question.

Well, I guess that settles that.

At least now MacLean knows he can pull the ol' “Parent Trap” on the media after particularly bad games.

UPDATE -- Did the Senators kick Fake Paul MacLean out of the game? 


Good news: Turns out Fake Paul MacLean wasn't kicked out. He was being escourted to an interview. 

(h/t @DownGoesBrown, GIF by Andrew DeWitt)

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