PHOTO: Pekka Rinne's new mask features a Facehugger from 'Alien'

Rinne's new mask as designed by Dave Gunnarsson. (DaveArt)
Rinne's new mask as designed by Dave Gunnarsson. (DaveArt)

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Pekka Rinne is the Predators' goalie but he has turned to Alien for his new mask.

The Perds' Preds' No. 1 man has his new cage that was painted by Dave Gunnarsson and it's out of the world. Sort of. Remember those Facehuggers in the movie Alien? Well one of them is stuck on Rinne's mask, hugging his face apparently.

Gunnarsson expalined on his Facebook page.

Is Pekka Rinne a badass goalie or what ...? Even though he has a facehugger stuck in his predator face, he just keep on playing, nothing can stop this dude! He use the facehugger as his goalie mask!

Watch out so this facehugger doesn't attack you, I don't think it´s so comfortable to have that in the face ...

Indeed, Rinne is a bit of a badass and the concept is pretty cool, though it is hard to tell with the majority of the body of the Facehugger gone where the mask opens.

It's relatively similar in design to Rinne's masks before where there was a monster behind the mask, but this one takes a little different approach. Still find it interesting that a Predator goes with an Alien. I always thought they battled each other.

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