PHOTO: Russia's Olympic hockey jerseys are interesting

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As the host nation, Russia wants to dress for success when defending home ice at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Monday, the Russian hockey federation unveiled the threads their men’s and women’s Olympic hockey teams will be wearing when the puck drops in February.

They’re um. Unique? Well at least one of them is.

Here's what Russia will be wearing during the Olympics. (Alexander Sofonov)
Here's what Russia will be wearing during the Olympics. (Alexander Sofonov)

So it appears both the men’s and women’s teams will be wearing each jersey at various games of the Olympic hockey tournament. The red is pretty traditional and actually looks like a pretty nice hockey jersey. The whites are a little more out there, as the country tries to honor its national crest in both its gold form and the overwhelming white silhouette. 

Here’s the Google Translated description of the more traditional reds, as modeled by Alex Ovechkin from the Russian Hockey Federation:

The basic form is made in the traditional red. Greater coat of arms in the center of a sweater with the word "Russia", made in the old Slavic style, symbolizes the pride of the country. White, blue and red stripes on the top of the sleeve pay tribute to the Russian flag. Also shape decorated with contrasting white belt and dark blue collar. Four gold stars on each shoulder reminiscent of the 8 win team.

The Russians are eight-time Olympic champions, is what "eight win team" means there.

As for the white, well… Well. Here’s the translated description.

The white sweater embodies the modern innovative design. In the center of the Russian coat of arms attached to gold emblem and silhouette of an eagle spreading its wings, as if called for an offensive, representing the greatness of the team during the game. Red collar with graphic patterns as eagle feathers on the shoulders of the city symbolizes every fan for their team. The word "Russian" in the center, in fulfilled Old Slavonic script in blue. 8 gold crowns on the right sleeve reminiscent of the golden legacy of the Soviet team.

Keep in mind, these were designed by Nike, who also designs the Oregon Ducks football uniforms, so you can kind of see the influence, be it chemical or otherwise.

Team USA will be unveiling its jerseys Tuesday. Nike designed those, too, so hold your breath, everyone.

(More photos like the one above via the Russian Hockey Federation here)

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