PHOTO: Semyon Varlamov has a new mask with zombie snowmen

Semyon Varlamov's mask now complete with zombies. (DaveArt/Facebook)
Semyon Varlamov's mask now complete with zombies. (DaveArt/Facebook)

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Since he joined the Colorado Avalanche, Semyon Varlamov has had a running theme on his mask designs. Specifically, it looks like he's getting hit in the face with a snowball, or almost like there's an avalanche taking place. It is then accomapnied by a little more imagery of something mystical and a touch of his native Russia.

He has a new mask, presumably for the remainder of the season and the playoffs, and it sticks with those themes. The addition this time? Zombie snowmen. Because, you know, the Walking Dead is so hot these days (I think?).

Designed by Dave Gunnarsson, he talked about some of the unique aspects in unveiling the mask on his Facebook page.

They are coming all over, and they seems to have a very bad breath because it is coming out some kind of smoke from their mouths ...

Hey one of the Frosty Zombies seems very, very hungry, he just took a bite from the Avs logo, he looks a bit confused ...

And one of the Zombies has a patch on him, he must have put on that before he was transformed into a zombie, because I do not think any Zombies put on patches ...

And hey check out in the background, one of the mountains is transformed into the famous Russian church Vasilij Cathedral, as a tribute to Varlamov´s mother country.

In the past he has had a Yeti and an evil snowman and other features. Zombified snowmen seems to work just as well.

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