PHOTO: Skate to face results in one of most gruesome injuries you'll see

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If you are a bit squeemish and/or don't like to see gruesome injuries be warned: a photo of a gruesome injury is coming below.

In a game in Quebec's Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey (LNAH), a low-level professional league, one of the most gruesome accidents you will see happened. Captain for the Thetford Mines Isothermic team (yes, that's their name), Sebastien Courcelles, was cut by a skate blade. On his face.

The result was horrifying, which you could clearly decipher if you only saw the teammate that helped Courcelles off the ice.


We've seen similar accidents over the years and they are always terrifying moments. Clint Malarchuk and Richard Zednik are two cases that come to mind. This injury to Courcelles isn't quite like this which came at the neck but the cut left on his cheek is unlike any you'll see from a hockey blade. It's so wide.

The Journal de Quebec had a little more information on the incident as translated -- roughly -- by Google.

A disturbing scene occurred in the middle of commitment when the captain Isothermic Sebastien Courcelles, was deeply cut on the left cheek by a skate. Bleeding profusely, Courcelles quickly left the ice surface.

According to information obtained, the striker Isothermic was taken to hospital and his condition was stable. It was unclear, however, whether sufficient stitches to close the wound or if surgery would be necessary.

Just a guess but surgery is probably the route, hard to imagine stitches being able to hold that gash closed.

Best of luck to Courcelles, that's one scary -- and brutal -- injury.

S/t Craig Morgan

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