PHOTO: Steve Mason's new goalie mask features zombified Flyers

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Steve Mason is having a good week. The goaltender signed a three-year extension with the Flyers and now he has some new head gear, exciting for any goalie. As you may know, Mason is a fan of the spooky and scary. His mask this season included some of America's founding fathers as zombies.

Well, Mason is sticking with the zombie theme once again, only this time, instead of zombified patriots, he is turning his own teammates into the undead.

His decaying teammates include Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds and scariest of all, Scott Hartnell, who apparently has been rotting a little long than his fellow Flyers.

However, Mason isn’t stopping with the traditional painting of the mask, oh no. He’s maybe going a little more innovative. The Flyers also shared his new goalie stick, complete with peeking zombies.

Mason may be on to something here. Shooters might not want to look at the net with such ghoulish creatures dotting the opposing goalie’s equipment. I just hope for Mason’s sake opposing players don’t start aiming for the head more now.

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