PHOTO: Steven Stamkos is already walking, hoping to be in Olympics

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Steven Stamkos had surgery to fix a broken tibia just two weeks ago and from the looks of things, we could say his recovery is going pretty well.

Stamkos held a press session on Monday in Tampa, the morning before the Lightning host the New York Rangers. Considering he just had the suergery a couple of weeks ago, it was expected he would need some assistance to get around like crutches.


Well that was fast.

The positives didn't end there, either. The entire press conferencewas reportedly positive and while he's still a ways away from returning to the ice, you get the feeling that it's going to be on the short end of the 3-6 month projection, or maybe even less than that.

Since he was injured the Olympic timetable has been a point of discussion and whether or not Stamkos could get back in time to play for Team Canada in Russia. Remember, his GM in Tampa Bay Steve Yzerman is the GM for Canada as wel so he'll have the best interests of both teams in mind.

But as it stands, the best-case scenario for Stamkos would involved making Canada's playing roster. That's certainly his goal right now.

Hey, if he's walking already without aid then maybe it can happen, you just hope that he doesn't rush a comeback too fast to play in the Olympics. It's enticing, especially if this is the last time the NHL goes to the Games, but you have to be worried about possible setbacks too, even with a rod in his leg.

To top of the good vibes, Stamkos says the Bruins were pretty excellent in their response to the whole thing. Zdeno Chara sent him a get-well text on behalf of the entire team and Bruins coach Claude Julien, who is also an assistant for Team Canada, visited him in the hospital the morning after the accident.

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