PHOTO: Sun, wind could be big issues at freezing Yankee Stadium

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When hockey heads outdoors, it's often referred to as going back to the elements. Well on Sunday in the Bronx, the elements might play a pretty prominent role.

As far as the temperature is concerned, that won't be an issue at all when the Rangers and Devils meet at Yankee Stadium. The forecast calls for a temperature around 20 degrees at faceoff but the wind is going to be blowing around 12 MPH leaving the temperature feeling more like nine degrees.

That's sure cold but the concern isn't the freezing temperatures but instead the actual wind. Certainly that's something players don't have to deal with indoors but it absolutely can play a role in a game.

Perhaps more importantly, though, will be the sun. It's cold in New York but there are no clouds following a little bit of snow on Saturday in New York. Instead the sun is hanging brightly overhead and as you can see in the picture above, is shining in one direction. One net sits in the shadows, the other faces right into the sun. As the game moves along the sun might disappear behind the stands but at least at the start it's going to be a real battle for Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Brodeur in the nets.

In the interest of fairness, with the wind and the sun, the NHL might consider the options to switch ends in the middle of the period so that each goalie has to deal with the sun equally and the same for the teams and playing into/with the wind.

The temperature is right for ourdoor hockey but that doesn't mean all the elements are going to be perfect. However that's what the NHL signs up for when the move outdoors.

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