PHOTO: They're already naming babies after Gabriel Landeskog

Landeskog meets little Gabe Landon on Sunday. (Getty Images)
Landeskog meets little Gabe Landon on Sunday. (Getty Images)

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Gabriel Landeskog hasn't even been in the NHL for more than two seasons and already they're naming babies after him in Colorado.

Landeskog tweeted a picture on Monday of him saying hi to baby Gabe Landon through the glass with what I would assume are mom and dad beaming while in Avs gear head to toe. As is baby Gabe, even if he doesn't know it.

It's kind of risky naming a child after a player on your favorite team, especially one who is still not old enough to legally drink in the States. Who knows, he could have a big falling out with the franchise somewhere down the line and you're left with a child whose namesake you now despise.

Similar to the approach in buying jerseys, it's best to just stick to the guaranteed legends of the franchise. For example, an Avs fan could pretty safely name their son Patrick Roy (pronounced "Wa" or "Roy," whichever) as his career is set in stone as a great member of the Avalanche.

But Landeskog is off to a pretty awesome start in his career. He is already captain of the Avalanche and was named last year's Calder Trophy winner as the rookie of the year in the NHL. He's charismatic and seems like he already is the face of the franchise in Colorado.

Still, it's kind of fast, right?

Of course, the parents could have really liked the names Gabe and Landon and just thought it was too perfect to pass up on. Sometimes there are just happy coincidences.

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