PHOTO: Zdeno Chara attends Marian Hossa's Stanley Cup party

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Marian Hossa had his day with the Stanley Cup and held a party in his native Slovakia. The event was likely attended by friends, family and former teammates. Oh, and the captain from the team Hossa’s Chicago Blackhawks beat in the Stanley Cup Final this year was there, too.

That’s right, Zdeno Chara was on hand for Hossa’s Stanley Cup party. He even took a picture with Hossa and the trophy the Bruins had slip through their grasp less than two months ago.

Marian Hossa, the Cup and Zdeno Chara. (Phil Pritchard)
Marian Hossa, the Cup and Zdeno Chara. (Phil Pritchard)

To be honest, this is kind of awesome. Chara, who of course won the Cup with the Bruins in 2011, is Hossa’s neighbor in the Slovakian town of Trencin and the two are close friends.

It is perfectly acceptable and perhaps a little heart-warming that even after fierce competition, friends can still be friends and celebrate in the one another’s triumphs, even if it was at the other’s expense. After all, these guys were merely rivals for two weeks in June.

In sports, we so often like to think that opponents on the field of play are opponents off it as well – especially if one beat the other for the Stanley Cup. That’s not how it works in reality, though. For a lot of hockey players, what happens on the ice is left there and they go off to their normal lives, which includes hanging out with friends.

Now I’m sure no one is going to overreact to the Bruins captain taking a photo with the Stanley Cup and a player his team lost it to, right? Haha, nevermind. This is the internet.

(h/t Puck Daddy)

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