PHOTOS: Junior hockey duo going viral with hilarious hobby

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What happens when junior hockey players get bored? Well, if they’re anything like Ben Vikich and Dean Allison, they get creative. The duo from Surrey, B.C., has taken that creativity to greater heights with viral potential thanks to their increasingly popular recreation of movie posters.

Every Monday, Vikich and Allison recreate the images on movie posters using themselves as the stand-ins for the celebrities on the originals. The catch is that they don't use Photoshop and they can’t exceed their budget of $10 for each shoot. Junior A guys don’t get paid, so even that $10 might be a bit much, but do they ever make it work.

Here's a sampling of some of the Surrey duo's work from Vikich's Instagram page:

Though it started just as a way to entertain friends and themselves, the 20-year-old hockey players are starting to gain quite the following for their #MovieStarMonday hashtag and photo series which has been going for about four months.

Some of the #MovieStarMonday photos were recently placed on Imgur and within days, the gallery has already received nearly 450,000 views.

Their latest creation was posted on Aug. 4:

HLN caught up with Allison, who explained how all this came about and how they do it:

"The [first] picture was an instant hit among our friends on social media, and [we] have done a new photo every Monday since using the [Instagram and Twitter] hashtag we created,#MovieStarMonday," Allison told HLN via email.

Allison said they choose the movie posters based on a lot of different criteria. Some are movies they love. Others are just ones they think would be funny. While a few are based on requests from their friends and Twitter followers. But they all have to be low-budget.

"What's different about our posters is that we do not use Photoshop, because we feel everyone could do that, as well as our budget is under $10, if we need to buy clothes or props from thrift stores," Allison said.

The results as you can see from above are often alarmingly accurate, while the low-budget nature of the whole thing makes it even more endearing.

For whatever reason, this one is my favorite.

Allison spent last season between the Alberni Valley Bulldogs of the British Columbia Hockey League and the Flin Flon Bombers of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. Vikich bounced around from league to league last season but is slated to play for the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL next season.

If the hockey thing doesn't work out, maybe Hollywood could use some new poster models.

(h/t ThePostGame)

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