PHOTOS: Kari Lehtonen takes a break, grabs seat on his net

Kari Lehtonen takes a break on the net. (USATSI)
Kari Lehtonen takes a break on his net.

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With just 12.3 seconds left and a 7-3 cushion for his Dallas Stars, Kari Lehtonen decided to cool his heels a little. NHL ice surface regulations don’t allow for benches or chairs on the ice sadly, so Lehtonen used the only flat surface he had, his net.

Just chillin' (USATSI)

With the puck all the way down the ice for a faceoff, Lehtonen hopped up on his net and just hung out for a bit. The third period was Lehtonen’s busiest of the game as Calgary managed 16 shots in the final frame after 12 in the previous two periods combined.

Lehtonen is typically one of the busiest goalies in the league, facing an average of about 30 shots per game. After some of the saves he’s made this season, I’d say he’s entitled to a little rest and relaxation, even if the final horn hadn’t sounded yet. 

Better yet, the visitors' net may be the best seat in the house to see what's happening on the video board. Those things can be pretty entertaining, you know.

This isn't the first time Lehtonen's used the net as a chair. He's an awfully resourceful fellow.

(Scrren Grab above via @Dr_Habs)

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