PHOTOS: Miracle, 'Slap Shot' inspired goalie masks are incredible

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The goalie mask is easily one of the coolest pieces of equipment in all of sports. NHL netminders really tend to get creative with the designs they put into them. However, of all the masks we’ve seen right here on this site over the last year, it is a pair of goalie masks from youth hockey-playing brothers in Johnstown, Pa., that might be the best yet.

Boston Bradley and his brother Cole who both are goalies for the Johnstown Warriors youth hockey program, took part in WJAC TV’s weekly feature about the local junior team, the Johnstown Tomahawks.

Reporter Ashley Chase, who asked the players what kind of questions they had for members of the Tomahawks, couldn’t help but also show off the duo’s masks (at 30 second mark of the video link above). Cole’s is inspired by the movie Slap Shot, while Boston’s honors the Miracle on Ice.

Cole’s mask, as seen above, prominently features the iconic Hanson Brothers across the top, with player coach Reg Dunlop, played by Hollywood legend Paul Newman, and goaltender Denis Lemieux featured on the sides.

What makes this mask a little more fun is that the old minor league team in Johnstown, the Jets, was the inspiration for the Charlestown Chiefs in Slap Shot. The minor league club, which eventually changed its name to Johnstown Chiefs, is no longer around, unfortunately. The Tomahawks, which play in the North American Hockey League, the second highest junior league in the U.S., have kind of taken the old Chiefs’ place.

Boston’s cage does a great job of stirring up some American hockey pride with his depiction of players from the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team. One side prominently features goaltender Jim Craig, with an American flag backdrop, while the other features players Mike Eruzione, Jack O’Callahan and Jim Craig hugging in celebration.

Needless to say, these are just fantastic goalie masks and you have to commend the Bradleys for their style.

All photos courtesy of @AshleyChaseTV.

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