PHOTOS: Pro-Kings billboards in Southern Cal take aim at Ducks

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This is the 20th season of the Anaheim Ducks' existence in Southern California but just the first time they have met their cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Kings, in a playoff series. It's taking the rivalry up a notch.

The series is known as the Freeway Faceoff given the relatively quick jaunt (depending on the time of day, of course) between the two arenas. To get in the spirit of this backyard brawl of sorts, a couple of billboards have gone up in SoCal between the two cities.

Both have a pretty simple message; Go Kings Go and with ducks being abused. Like actual ducks, not the team.

Yes, that's a duck in the mouth of a dog looking awfully limp. Or there's this one with a roasted duck.

Nothing like a little billboard trash talking between rival fanbases for the commute home, right?

Though it looks like something the Kings or their mascot would tweet on their accounts, the billboards don't have any team logos or anything like that. That doesn't rule out it being from the team but they could be from a fan or fans. Either way, is kind of fun.

Considering the series is 2-0 Kings before they have even played on their home ice at Staple Center yet, the Ducks are on their way to being burnt.

S/t Puck Daddy

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