PHOTOS: Ryan Miller reveals goalie mask for Sochi Olympics

Ryan Miller's patriotic mask. (Facebook)

Team USA goalie Ryan Miller unveiled his Olympic mask, and to call it patriotic would be an understatement. 

The design features an American flag, a bald eagle and a beefy Uncle Sam with a nice USA tattoo on his bicep. The back of the helmet, though, is where Miller took some creative license.

Uncle Sam is, as you can see, muscular. (Facebook)

It features Russian nesting dolls of himself, his wife and their dog Puck, and depicts a clock face that reads 5:01, aka “Miller Time.” The 2010 version of his mask looked very similar, but "Miller Time" was spelled out, and the IOC deemed it an advertisement and had him cover it up.

Battling Kings goalie Jonathan Quick, it remains to be seen how much time Miller might see in the net in Sochi. 

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