P.K. Subban has a new contract and a nickname ... the Subbanator

Forget P.K. You can just call him the Subbanator. (Getty Images)

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Fresh off his new contract with the Montreal Canadiens, P.K. Subban has himself a new nickname, too.

From now on you can call him the Subbanator. Really.

The good news? The new nickname isn't of the regular, boring hockey variety. If so he would just be "Subs" or "Suby." Hockey players don't tend to be very creative in their nicknames, you see.

The bad news? It sounds like the name of a character in a '90s teen flick or something. All I can picture is the "Sherminator" from the American Pie movies trying to do his Terminator impression. Either that or a name that stuck from somebody playing the annoying "It's Subban, the Subbmeister, the Subbanator, the Subborama" game. Either way, not great images.

But, we'd let it slide if it were just this simple. After all, it does get some creativity points just based on the fact it avoided the nomenclature for 90 percent of hockey nicknames anyway. However it's not. You see because it appears that P.K. Subban gave himself this nickname.

You read that right: It appears Subban pulled a George Costanza and gave himself a nickname for other people to call him. As far as my understanding of nicknames goes, this breaks all the rules. You don't get to give yourself a nickname; your teammates do that.

How exactly do we know Subban wanted this name for himself? He's wanted it for years (s/t to Arpon Basu).

Then again, maybe the deal he signed with the Canadiens came with a clause that he gets to pick his nickname, that must have been the incentive for him to sign a deal that seemed to be below his market value.

Honestly, though, it's good to have Subban back. He's an entertaining player to watch but also quite an entertaining personality.

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