P.K. Subban's offseason diet involves eating an entire cow

When you watch a hockey game it's sometimes easy to forget about all of the behind the scenes work that is involved for the players on the ice. The training, the nutrition, all of the work done in the offseason. Everything that goes into the finished product that you see during the season.

NHL.com recently caught up with Montreal Canadiens defenseman (and still restricted free agent) P.K. Subban to discuss his offseason training and diet (featured in the video above).

While the video mentions that he eats a lot of steak and meat, it didn't say just how much.

Apparently, it's an entire cow.

From NHL.com's Dan Rosen:

"I eat a lot of protein -- steak in the morning, steak in the afternoon, fish, chicken," Subban told NHL.com during a recent trip to his training facility. "At the start of the summer I order a whole cow from a grain-fed farm. I have it at my parents' house and my mom will season [the butchered meat], and I'll pick them up to have steaks for the week."

Jokes aside, Subban actually does eat the whole cow he orders each summer.

Emphasis at the end mine. That seems like ... a lot of meat. Almost an unbelievable amount of meat. Even if you're talking about a small cow you're still probably looking at about 300-350 pounds of actual meat. Is that even possible for one person to consume in an offseason? Even if you're a professional athlete going through intense training?

Ron Swanson would be proud of that effort.

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