Hockey players have always been labeled as tough. While that doesn't transfer to spectators of the sports, there's no denying how tough this photographer is. During Monday's game between the Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres, Capitals defenseman John Carlson was attempting to clear the puck out of the zone by using the glass.

However, the puck ended up going out of play. It went through the very tiny hole in the glass that photographs use to take photos during the game. The photographer was preparing to take a photo and instead wound up taking a puck right to the jaw. He appeared to be quite bloody from the incident.

Staff at KeyBank Center quickly ran to check on the photographer and gave him a towel and bandage. He did have a bloody chin, which is certainly to be expected when he take a hard shot like that from close range.

In typical hockey fashion, though, the photographer stayed in his seat and kept snapping away in the game as if nothing happened. It probably didn't exactly feel good, but the photographer's toughness can never be questioned again. 

All of that being said. it's worth noting how freak of an accident this was. That Carlson's clear attempt went through that small cut-out in the glass is just bad luck on the photographer's part.