Rating the NHL Rumor: Zach Parise going from the Devils to the Rangers?

Parise had 31 goals, 38 assists this season. (Getty Images)

Just in case the Devils and Rangers needed another layer of intrigue, speculation continues to rise about the future of Zach Parise and possibly moving across the Hudson this summer.

Here's Parise, 27 years old and in the prime of his career, delivering two goals and an assist in the Devils' 4-1 series-tying victory in Monday's Game 4, and it's impossible to watch him and not wonder what he might bring to the Rangers if they were to win the bidding battle for him.


That the Rangers have struggled, particularly in the playoffs, to generate goals would only increase the likelihood that they'd go after Parise, who has scored at least 31 in five of his seven NHL seasons.

"He would actually be exactly what the Rangers need," said Gus Katsaros, the scouting director of McKeen's Hockey, "a nice, sweet injection of offensive ability."

Wall Street Journal

This isn't the first time this has come up, even while these teams go at each other's throats. Zach's dad and former Islanders star J.P. Parise ruffled some feathers when he insinuated that Zach would fit in well with the Rangers.

Zach will head to the market as the big fish this summer unless the cash-strapped Devils can figure a way to lock him up before then, which is doubtful. Considering he wants to play for a contender, the Rangers will have a lot of money under the cap, they usually get the big players when they chase them and they could use some more scoring help, it makes sense.

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