Report: Coach's challenge likely for 2014-15, goalie interference excluded

Henrik Lundqvist didn't like a non-call in Game 2. (Getty Images)
Henrik Lundqvist didn't like a non-call in Game 2. (Getty Images)

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With every passing questionable call on the big stages, the push for a coach's challenge in the NHL gains more and more steam. It's to the point now that we could be seeing the final games without a challenge in hockey.

The competition committee is meeting this week and according to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the challenge seems to be getting a lot of support.

Well, that is definitely a big "but." No call in hockey has become as questionable and controversial as goaltender interfernece. We just saw that rule rear its head again in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final when Henrik Lundqvist felt he was interfered with on a Kings goal but it was ruled a good goal.

The problem is it's a bit like pass interference in football; there is some interpretation to the rule making it often a judgment call. Of course there are some black-and-white aspects to it but it's kind of an all-or-nothing concept and right now it's going to remain nothing.

Still, a coach's challenge is a positive step in the NHL. The league already has a quick replay system that MLB modeled it's new system after and it likely wouldn't be a massive interruption to the flow of games.

Panthers GM Dale Tallon is one of the GMs who has been in favor of this for a while.

"I'm saying one time per game, one goal, one time per coach," Tallon said to the Toronto Star. "That's it. It's not going to happen that often. Let's get it right."

What kind of calls could we see challenges on then? We already have them for goals, leaving plays like offsides, icing, delay of game, etc. open to challenge. It's a step but obviously none of those have quite the same deciding factor as goalie interference calls.

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