Report: Expanded replay to be discussed at GM meetings in March

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The NHL already has a model of replay that other leagues like MLB want to emulate but the offices in Toronto could be getting more power than they already have.

Hockey's replay system has been pretty close to a model of efficiency and has helped with the overall aim of getting the calls right but as we're reminded from time to time, it's limited in its scope. When a goal such as the Red Wings' game-tying score in the final seconds that hit the mesh above the boards can't be overturned, there is a need to fix an obvious shortcoming of the system.

There has been talk of expanding replay before among the general managers and this latest incident could be enough to tip the balance in that direction according to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun.

A league source confirmed expanded video review is already on the GMs' meeting agenda and current momentum seems to be obvious: there are more GMs than ever in support of handing the Toronto war room expanded video powers.

As far as how soon anything could possibly be instituted should it get that far, LeBrun notes it's possible to be in place for the postseason.

Getting it down for the playoffs would require the NHLPA and the 30 owners to sign off on whatever the 30 GMs vote on in March.

It's certainly a start, there's no good reason why a play such as the one in the Red Wings-Kings game shouldn't be reviewed and subsequently nullified. It was a very clear-cut case in which Toronto had no power and it's no wonder why there would be support to broaden replay's scope to cover things such as that.

However the question then becomes how much further? Offsides is always something that comes up in the replay discussion. If a player scores after being ruled onsides when he shouldn't have, then could the goal be nullified if video confirms the play was offsides? Or what about judgment calls for goalie interference? The GMs would have to decide on those, more immediately though is making all of the actual goals reviewable.

This still wouldn't make everything perfect on review because of such issues as the intent to blow. Some things just aren't infallible systems but increasing the number of plays that can be reviewed and thus calls corrected should be a worthwhile target. Maybe if the increased implementation works, we can get on with the further discussion of coach's challenges.

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