Report: John Tortorella has hearing with NHL on Monday

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In the category of not surprising, Vancouver Canucks coach John Tortorella is set for a discipline hearing with the NHL for the altercation that took place in the hallway after the first period brawl Saturday night against the Flames.

Just as if Tortorella had thrown an egregious head shot at an opposing player, he'll be on hand in New York for an in-person hearing according to Renaud Lavoie.

Keep in mind that this isn't a process just like any supplemental discipline on a player. For starters, situations like this are handled by Colin Campbell, the former head of player safety, not the current head of player safety Brendan Shanahan. Though it would be pretty great to see the NHL release a video explaining whatever punishment is handed down to Torts.

Because make no mistake, Torts will be punished. There are lines that can't be crossed and Tortorella crossed one of them by confronting the Flames at the end of the period. If for no other reason the NHL has to punish Tortorella to curb future incidents from coaches. No punishment would signal it's OK for coaches to go WWE on their counterparts in the underbelly of arenas.

Following the game, Tortorella talked about the brawl at the start of the game, saying he wasn't proud but that he would do it again. When it came to the altercation in the hallway, though, Torts declined to comment. He had to know he'd be hearing from the NHL about it so it was probably wise to avoid the topic.

With the hearing on Monday, it gives Tortorella a chance to make the cross-continent flight and then make it back to Edmonton for Vancouver's game on Tuesday night, assuming he'll be able to coach that game.

Meanwhile, we wait to see if Flames coach Bob Hartley will face any repurcussions for his actions.

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