Report: NHL likely will outlaw spin-o-rama in shootout next season

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The NHL instituted the shootout after the lockout last decade -- yes, it's a once-a-decade thing in the NHL -- to end ties and have games end with some excitement. Because what's more boring than a tie?

While most fans decried the atrocity the NHL had committed to the sport, introducing a skills competition, there was one thing everybody did seem to love watching: spin-o-ramas like Mayson Raymond's above. I hope you enjoyed them, because you might have seen the last of them. From Darren Dreger of TSN:

Well, that makes a lot of sense, now doesn't it? Take away perhaps the most exciting thing that happens in a shootout? Players already have a hard enough time scoring, even in shootouts. This was their best weapon.

Besides, I think we can all agree that outlawing a certain move in the shootout should be at the top of the NHL's priority list.

That said, the spin-o-rama has always been controversial. It has always seemed wrong and against the spirit of the attempt. The puck is supposed to be moving forward on an attempt but the spin-o-rama was always OK by the referees. That bothered a lot of people, apparently enough to change the rule.

Goaltenders were never fond of the spin-o-rama, that's for sure. So seeing this report was music to their ears, as Roberto Luongo so clearly demonstrated on his "undercover" Twitter account.

Seriously, Luongo is the best, particularly on Twitter.

I have always been in the minority in NHL circles in that I like the shootout; I always took it for what it was: a fun way to finish a game. I have always felt the league could eliminate a lot of the consternation with the tiebreaker if it moved to a 3-2-1-0 point format to differentiate a shootout win from an outright win but there doesn't seem to be an appetite for that.

However, I don't like this. It's not as if every player is doing pirouettes every attempt. This does nothing but take away some of the fun from the shootout that most hockey fans already dislike. Hard to believe the league is offended by a trick in what is already a skills competition, an unnatural hockey environment.

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