Report: NHLPA's offer also includes ability to trade cap space

While the owners still formulate a response to the players' first CBA proposal that came on Tuesday in Toronto, a few more details began to make their way out. They're pretty darn interesting, too.

In addition to all the main points that NHLPA head Donald Fehr touched on after Tuesday's meeting with the media (revisit them here), Larry Brooks of the New York Post reported Tuesday night that players wouldn't be the only assets that GMs could trade in this proposal.

Well I have to give the players this: Their first proposal wasn't lacking in creativity.

These aspects of the proposal certainly seemed to be aimed directly at helping the less-fortunate clubs to stay afloat. After all, the more healthy teams in the league the more money there is to spend on player salaries -- and more jobs to be had. It is in the players' interest to have all the teams to be as healthy as possible.

But what it is really interesting to me about this is that it also seems to have an intriguing aspect in there for the richer owners. Having the ability to add some cap space would allow them to take advantage of some of their inherent perks like greater resources. It's not a ton of open space and would not be commonplace in trades but it's an intriguing idea.

With all that said, I still don't think this would be something the owners would like. There would be teams that, while they might appreciate the ability to cut $4 million off their own budget, wouldn't like the idea of having a few teams legally above the cap.

While we're on the topic of going over the salary cap, David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail cleared up any confusion on whether or not there would be a luxury tax in the players' proposal.

There you go, the only way that teams could get over the cap legally is by trading for space. I wouldn't mind seeing it but it's probably a non-starter. Still, creative.

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