Report: Wild eye outdoor game, Blackhawks, Stars potential foes

Minnesota would reportedly like to see Chicago outdoors. (Getty Images)
Minnesota would reportedly like to see Chicago outdoors. (Getty Images)

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Every franchise wants in on the outdoor hockey fun and after a successful year, the NHl is going to accomodate some of those desires next season.

So far all we know is that the Washington Capitals will be hosting the Winter Classic; where or against whom remains a mystery. As to whatever games might make up the Stadium Series, well it seems very possible Denver will be one host and Arizona of all places has expressed interest as well as San Franciso. You can add Minnesota and the Wild to the list of hopefuls.

The franchise is apparently already talking about who they will play in this future game and they are keen on facing the team they currently trail 2-0 in the playoffs. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The Wild continues its quest to host a Winter Classic. But there are plans to bring a stadium-series game to Minnesota as soon as next season.

The Wild wants the opponent to be the Blackhawks, but the NHL is pushing the Dallas Stars as the opponent. If the game happens, it looks as if it will be played at Target Field.

As for the game's likelihood, well let's just say that's a possibility.

There is sense in both teams being potential opponents but the NHL might have it right with Dallas. First there is obviously the history here with the Minnesota NorthStars having relocated to Dallas and then getting the Wild as a replacement. Not to mention the Stars showed this season they are an up-and-coming exciting team and they haven't been involved in the outdoor games.

The Blackhawks meanwhile, have been. They hosted the Penguins at Soldier Field eariler this season and also hosted the Red Wings at Wrigley Field a few years back. But they're also a major draw wherever they go and are of course a television favorite.

But as we saw this year, what teams are playing doesn't much matter, people will show up to the games and people will watch on TV.

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