Report: Will Islanders end up changing logo in Brooklyn after all?

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Ever since it was announced that the New York Islanders would be moving to Brooklyn following the 2014-15 season to upgrade from the run-down Nassau Coliseum to the brand-spanking new Barclays Center, the Islanders said that no changes are coming to the name or logo.

However, the New York Post reports a redesign could be in the works for the Islanders after all. When the NBA's Nets moved to Brooklyn from New Jersey, they had a rebranding -- going to a black-and-white color scheme -- and it has been a big success. The idea was to connect more with Brooklyn in the new color scheme, and that could be applied to the Isles, too. Emphasis on could.

When the Islanders announced the move, owner Charles Wang handed the business-operation keys over to Barclays Center and CEO Brett Yormark. If that name sounds familiar, it's because he is the brother of Panthers CEO Michael Yormark. The Post said he and Barclays Center are running focus groups on some potential designs.

A member of one group told the Riverhead News-Review earlier this month he was asked to rate a new team jersey without any orange, one that looked like the old Brooklyn Dodgers uniform -- blue and white.

The focus groups will be done in about 45 days -- and then team owner Charles Wang will be updated, a source said.

That doesn't guarantee the Isles will be making any changes at all, just that they are apparently exploring the possibilites. The Nets have had a lot of success with their change, so why not at least see if you could replicate that success with the Isles?

Keep in mind this is just a report and it's possible it could be wrong, but it's a discussion that has come up a few times since the announcement of the move. Though the Islanders have continued to maintain that things won't change.

That said, I really hope it doesn't happen. The Islanders have a pretty rich history with their look, and it's not like they're moving all that far. New Yorkers will argue this with me for some reason, but Brooklyn is on Long Island. That's a geographical fact, even if they might be "different worlds." There's no need to change.

But if they do, please don't go to a Brooklyn Dodgers-type look with just blue and white. The Maple Leafs and recently Lightning already have that look. If anything, go to the black and white. The only similar look is the Kings, and they are 3,000 miles away and in the other conference.

Besides, if they want to get black to be a big color for the Islanders' scheme, they already have these. On second thought, don't go to that.

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