Riddick Bowe says he'll KO Randy Carlyle if Leafs lose again

Riddick Bowe is a longtime Leafs fan. (Getty Images)
Riddick Bowe is a longtime Leafs fan. (Getty Images)

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As the playoffs get ever closer, the Toronto Maple Leafs are spiraling. They have lost six in a row and for the first time in a very long time, they are out of playoff positioning. Frustration is mounting, especially for the fans.

One of those fans is former heavyweight champion of the world, Riddick Bowe. Yes, he's a Leafs fan and he's getting tired of watching Randy Carlyle's team lose right now. He's so tired he's ready to do something about it.

He's kidding, surely. We think ...

Carlyle was a pretty tough hockey player in his day but I'm not sure how he would feel about a Riddick Bowe punch to the face. My guess: Probably not well. Heck, I doubt Colton Orr would volunteer to take a punch from Bowe. Don't be surprised if Carlyle looks a bit more desperate behind the bench Friday in Philly.

Seriously though, how did a boxer from New York City become a Maple Leafs fan? Glad you asked, Bowe can explain.

So he's been a fan for a while and in true Leafs form still hasn't forgotten about that Western Conference final and Kerry Fraser. Really, he has this Leafs fan thing down pat.

You better start winning, Leafs, or Bowe is coming for you.

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