Ryan Kesler, Evgeni Malkin among players identified as embellishers

(Gordan Bombay's District 5 team would have a tough time playing in the new NHL.)

Whenever the NHL and its players decide they're ready to resume play, the league is going to make an effort to crack down on players who embellish plays in an effort to gain a power play for their team.

This isn't a new development. It was a big topic at the NHL's league meetings in August, and there was talk from Colin Campbell about possibly distributing a list of the top offenders around the league. Perhaps not only to identify the top violators, but maybe also hoping that public shaming could help put a stop to it.

On Wednesday night, TSN's Darren Dreger passed along a few of the names that could be on such a list. It includes Vancouver's Ryan Kesler as one of the top culprits, while Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin and Chicago's Dan Carcillo were said to have also drawn criticism for doing a little extra work to draw penalties.

Writes Dreger, "Everything from posting pictures of each culprit in every NHL dressing room to re-instituting a fine system, or simply tacking on an additional two-minute penalty to offset the original call is being discussed by hockey operations and will at some point be presented to all NHL general managers for further discussion."

Would the threat of a $2,500 fine be enough to put a stop to it? Very doubtful, especially for a guy who makes $7 million or $8 million a year.

What about the embarrassment that could come from having your picture distributed to the other 29 teams as a diver? That might leave a bit of a mark on the ego.

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