Sabres to welcome newborns with team blanket, certificate

With their latest promotional campaign the Buffalo Sabres are hoping to make fans for life. (Pinterest)

You ever hear somebody refer to himself as a life-long fan, that he came out of the womb bleeding his favorite team's colors? Obviously that includes a little hyperbole, but the Buffalo Sabres are trying to make it a reality and win them over while they're young.

More specifically, the Sabres welcomed a new year by launching a campaign that will see to it babies born in certain Buffalo-area hospitals will be tied to the Sabres from the moment they're born.

The Buffalo Sabres announced a partnership with Kaleida Health to implement a Buffalo Sabres Newborn Program at two area hospitals beginning on Jan. 1, 2013. As part of the program, all newborn babies born at Millard Fillmore Suburban and the Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo in 2013 will receive a Buffalo Sabres baby blanket and a certificate from Sabres owner Terry Pegula.

"Fandom in Buffalo is something that runs much deeper than in most other places," said Black. "Even from birth, people here know that hockey and the Sabres are a part of life. This program is a way for us to welcome the newest members of our community and hopefully plant the seed of passion that will grow into a lifetime of embracing the game that we all love so deeply here in Buffalo."

The baby blankets are a Sabres-inspired yellow with the team's logo and "We Live Hockey" word mark on the back of the hooded blanket. There is also a number "'13" to signify the year and Kaleida Health's "Buffalo Baby" logo. In addition to the blanket, each baby will also receive a "Future First-Round Pick" certificate. The certificates feature the Sabres and Kaleida Health logos, space to fill out the baby's birth information (name, height, weight, time and place of birth), and Terry Pegula's signature.

I see what the Sabres are going for -- win the fans over before they realize how torturous it can be to be a fan of the Sabres. Then they have no choice but to become die-hard fans. Then again, it beats being a Bills fan, I'm sure.

It's a pretty neat idea, in all honesty, and I'm all for it if it helps make what is already a hockey city an even bigger hockey city. For parents who are fans of the Sabres already, it will probably be a cool keepsake item and perhaps a neat thing for the newborns to brag about in the future.

What I'm curious about is the first time some Maple Leafs fans in Buffalo have a child and they try to put the Sabres blanket around said baby. The kid could experience his first hockey fight before anything else.

You can see a picture of the first baby in a Sabres blanket here.

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