Sidney Crosby's biggest threat after breaking jaw? Mozzarella sticks

Crosby has been just fine on the ice since coming back from a broken jaw. (USATSI)
Sidney Crosby has been just fine on the ice since coming back from a broken jaw. (USATSI)

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Turns out the biggest threat to Sidney Crosby since coming back from a broken jaw hasn't been other players or even the puck. It's been food.

Specifically, those impossible to resist mozzarella sticks. It was a surprise to Crosby how tough they can be to eat with a mangled mouth. From Chris Johnston at Sportsnet.

Sitting in a local restaurant a couple weeks back, the Pittsburgh Penguins captain knew that he was in trouble immediately after biting into the breading with a broken jaw full of smashed teeth.

In fact, he had to reach into his throat and pry out the hot rubbery cheese to keep from choking on it. As you might imagine, it was a harrowing experience.

Well, that wouldn't have been very good. It's almost the type of thing you'd see in an Austin Powers movie.

I'm sure this will help quell all of the "soft" criticism Crosby receives.

It's not like any of this has been too problematic for Crosby on the ice. He's been his pretty typical self, which is to say really good, even with his new jaw shield. He has 12 points in eight playoff games, an even 6-6 split in goals and assists.

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