St. Louis radio station gets nearly $5k in missed Bickell bounty joke

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Bryan Bickell is not a popular man in St. Louis these days. The Blackhawks forward scored a big goal to get Game 4 into overtime but the bigger beef stems back to Game 2 when Bickell hit Vladimir Sobotka in the knee. Blues fans (and coach Ken Hitchcock) thought it deserved punishment but he received none.

So you can understand why some fans in St. Louis listening to ESPN 101 radio on Friday didn't quite get that the radio hosts were joking about collecting money for a bounty on Bickell.

In no time at all, they had enough money pledged to make a PBS Telethon jealous. From CBS Chicago:

"Apparently, management is not too happy with us," one of the co-hosts said. "For those of you who don't understand, we were just playing around and kidding.

"We had 4,825 dollars committed. So it was probably going to go to charity when Bickell was knocked out of the game. Well, it was going to go to charity, since the players couldn't take it.

"We’d never really advocate a bounty, but you get what we were saying about this guy. He's earned it."

Well it wouldn't be the first time a sports radio show did something outlandish like that, you never really can tell when they are serious and when they aren't.

After what we've seen in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, it's probably just a good idea to steer clear of bounties altogether.

S/t Chris Kuc

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