Stadium Series: Secondary ticket prices highest for Soldier Field game

Soldier Field will be a hot spot on Saturday. (Getty Images)
Soldier Field will be a hot spot on Saturday. (Getty Images)

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The weather will be cold but that hasn't stopped tickets to see the Penguins and Blackhawks on Saturday at Chicago's Soldier Field from being hot.

As the fifth of six outdoor games this season in the NHL (the final game comes Sunday between the Canucks and Senators in Vancouver), it would be understandable if demand wasn't exceptionally great. But it actually has been, according to secondary ticket outlet Seat Geek.

Chicago fans really love their Blackhawks and their hockey. Add the spectacle of playing at Soldier Field and against one of their top competitors for the Stanley Cup in the Penguins and you have yourself high ticket prices.

At an average ticket price of $276, Saturday's game at Soldier Field is the most in-demand of the six outdoor NHL games this season and nearly twice as expensive as the Stadium Series game between the Rangers and Islanders played at Yankee Stadium on Jan. 29 ($141).

Seat Geek lists the cheapest ticket for the game to be at $117, also more than all of the other games. Yes, this also includes the Winter Classic at the Big House in Michigan where more than 100,000 tickets were sold. The next closest game in average ticket price was the Yankee Stadium game between the Ranges and Devils where Seat Geek lists the average price at $231.

Now it's not a terribly big surprise given that Blackhawks tickets have been in high demand for years now that the team has been so successful. But even with about three times the amount of seats as United Center, the average price is well above normal.

Count this as example No. 146 of why the NHL will keep going outdoors; they haven't seen the well dry up yet.

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