Steve Nash traded to L.A. Kings according to Toronto station

Throughout the entire postseason, the Los Angeles Kings couldn't get any love from the local media. They were referred to as the Sacramento Kings several times. The best team in the playoffs received no respect.

Now that they are Stanley Cup champions, apparently the rest of the continent wants to make it up to the Kings. When CP 24 in Toronto got wind of the big trade in the NBA yesterday, this is how the report came out on the broadcast.

Oops. (From @MRichie_10)

Well, that would certainly be one heck of a trade.

I can see where the station is coming from though. News comes down that that Canadian player was just traded to Los Angeles. Naturally you are going to assume that it was to the Kings, right?

Considering they are the L.A. Kings after all, their renowned Twitter account weighed in on things as well. We wouldn't expect anything less, now would we?

Ah, so CP 24 actually DID have it right. Well then, I retract.

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