The Capitals brought out Pat Sajak for the Stanley Cup Final and Twitter was underwhelmed

Throughout the Golden Knights' improbable Stanley Cup playoff run, Vegas has left countless people stunned with wacky, over-the-top pregame ceremonies at T-Mobile Arena.

With the Stanley Cup Final shifting back to D.C. for Game 3 on Saturday night, many wondered how the Capitals would counter in the way of pregame festivities at Capital One Arena. Matching or exceeding the excitement and absurdity of the Vegas spectacle would be a tough undertaking, as the Golden Knights employed a catapult, Michael Buffer and Imagine Dragons for the first couple of games in the series. 

But perhaps a city that has waited 20 years to host a Stanley Cup Final game would bring their A-game to counter Vegas. Or perhaps not.

The Caps' response to the Knights' opening showcase was to have "Wheel of Fortune" host and longtime season ticket holder Pat Sajak stand at center ice and tell everyone about his season tickets before reading the lineups from a sheet of paper while wearing his best Washington pullover.  

It wasn't exactly pulse-pounding stuff. 

If you're underwhelmed, just know you are not alone. Folks on Twitter were quite disappointed by the lack of fireworks, sword fights and catapults this time around.

But nobody in the world was more upset by Sajak's pregame performance than one Keith Olbermann, who attempted to go scorched earth on Sajak via Twitter. With that level of anger, we can only presume Sajak has peed in Olbermann's breakfast cereal or kicked his dog at one point. 

Anyway, a hockey game was also played.

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